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The Megalodon of Dreams

It was a beautiful sunny day in the field and we had Dana Fleck’s Photography out with us to do a photo shoot for the website. Dana had brought her 6 year old son Kayden along with her for the shoot since they were only stopping through town on their way back home to another state. Kayden had spent the entire walk into the site telling all of us how he was going to find his 6″ tooth that day. We all chuckled a bit as we knew how rare that size tooth could be for that site. 


Dana did a wonderful shoot for us (definitely recommend her hands down!) and decided to stick around for some fossiling. Shortly after she started to dig, Kayden walked over to an area where the layer was shelfed off and only about 8″ deep below surface level. He sat down and called for Joshua Basak to come over and dig with him and Joshua obliged. What happened next was almost unbelievable!

Joshua and Kayden were sitting side by side in the dirt, both armed with their small 28″ shovels, blades slicing through layer and suddenly time stopped – the sound of metal hitting a blade! We all heard it, we all knew that sound so well. Kayden turns and looks at Josh and says “Is that my tooth?!” to which Josh replied, “Yes it is!” and the excavation began.


Within minutes we were all surrounding the area watching as Skye extracted the tooth for Kayden and Dana, careful not to damage the tooth. Sounds of excitement grew from the group and with each wipe of the dirt away from the blade, the tooth grew larger and larger. Suddenly it was revealed and everyone gasped in awe at what lay before them – Kayden and Joshua had simultaneously struck the blade of a 6.25″ Megalodon. From within the silence came shouts of excitement and the sound of Kayden’s voice – “God put that there for me” he exclaimed. A moment that brought tears to the eyes of each and every one of us. A moment that we witnessed a young boy find the tooth of his lifetime and watched his dreams come true!


Check out some of the awesome pictures of that day below and be sure to check out Dana’s work at

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