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The Halloween Monsoon of 2021

The rain is a Fossil hunters best friend in the Lowcountry of South Carolina when it comes to surface and creek hunting. For the creeks, the rain means rushing waters and fresh erosion of the fossil layer. For surface hunting, the rain brings fossils to the surface by pounding away the sediments that have them trapped and hidden just beneath the surface. The forecast showed rain, but as the day went on we all sat and wondered if and when the rain would actually arrive. The sky was filled with dark clouds and the wind was howling, but by mid afternoon we had barely seen a drizzle.

Nightfall came and we descended on the site in search of ancient treasures only to find that the rain had not came like we had hoped. We proceeded to hunt anyways, hopeful that the rain would eventually come – and it did. We were hard at work carving away at the layer when suddenly the rain began falling with a vengeance. Within minutes we were all drenched from head to toe. The site began to flood, the water pooled along the surface of sun-baked clay that had not seen rainfall in nearly a month – and we rejoiced!

The next few days were amazing! We lead our clients through the freshly washed fields for 3 days, picking up Fossil after Fossil. One client took home 6 Megalodon teeth in addition to a variety of other amazing fossils including a gem-quality Isurus retroflexus (a type of Mako shark tooth). All in all, over a thousand fossils were collected within just 2 days time and the wait for the rain began again.

The Palmetto team report – As always, happy hunting and stay tuned for our next adventure! Make sure to subscribe to our blog!

Skye – The Digger ❤

The Arm of Megalodon Teeth
Angustidens, Hemipristis serra’s, Retroflexus and a Sand Tiger
Angustidens, Megalodons, Hastalis, and a gorgeous fish vertebrae
Gem-Quality Isurus retroflexus
Surface finds from the “Blue Site”
Creek finds from the day after the rains

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