Coastal Marathon Packages

Welcome to the all new Packages -

Palmetto is proud to announce an all new excursion experience!! As of January 1st, 2022, we will now be offering exclusive packages for our clients that are looking for an all around inclusive hunting experience! These new packages will include the Palmetto trademark – The Dry Dig in combination with Palmetto creek excursions AND Coastal Hunting Charters provided by Captain Chuck Gainey of Island Cove Charters! 

Two hunters walking on the beach in search of ancient treasures. – Picture courtesy of Mr. Gainey

So what does this mean? This means that from now on, you will be able to book all of your South Carolina Fossil adventures from one place! This means that you will be able to book a 3 day package that will allow you to hunt inland creeks, participate in our trademark Dry Dig, and then spend a day riding with Captain Gainey on his boat to a place of his selection where you will spend 5 to 6 hours hunting for ancient treasures on the surface. After your hunting time has came to an end, you will be able to enjoy a nice slow ride back to the dock that will include scenic views and possibly even dolphins and other wildlife!! 

Some Pictures from Island Cove Charters adventures!

The Packages

The Ace

The Spade

How to Book -

Book your package through the online booking system and include the dates and times that you would like to do each part of your excursion with Palmetto in the notes section and the date that you would like to do your boat charter with Island Cove Charters. (We will take care of placing your excursions into the appropriate time slots for you and will send your information to Island Cove Charters so that they may contact you to finish setting up your package). 

For additional information on Island Cove Charters and to see what you can expect to find on one of their adventures you can check out their website at