Academic Groups – The Paleo Basics

Academic Groups - The Paleo Basics

Welcome to the next great adventure for your class, summer camp, boy/girl scout group and more! The Palmetto team offers an experience for our academic groups called The Paleo Basics! The Paleo Basics is a 4 hour action packed educational adventure that takes place at our 100 acre fossil pit on the outskirts of Summerville!

So What does the Paleo Basics involve?

 The Paleo Basics is a fun 4 hour adventure in which your students will be taught everything there is to know about the how and why of fossils in the Coastal Plain of South Carolina. Our team is dedicated to educating the next generation and we understand that larger groups require more guides for that individualized approach so the PFE team will make sure that there is at least 1 guide per 5 kids for each group. Depending on ages, kiddos will be broken down into groups and paired with their guides who will work with them throughout the adventure to teach them all of the Paleo-Basics!



What are the Paleo Basics?

1. Historical Geology

2.  Screening Methods

3. Fossil Identification

4. Principle Applications of Paleontology in modern day society


Costs: (Rates Apply to All Ages 3-17)

Groups with 20 Kids or Less – $40 plus tax per kid

Groups with 21 Kids or More – $35 plus tax per kid

Chaperones – $50 plus tax each